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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
1:00 am - Home
Well i am back home again and i am starting to realize that i miss being here while i am away but once i get here i am quickly reminded that i would much rather not be here. Things are just getting worse around here. Celebrated Christmas tonite... B/c we were supposed to leave 4 Maine tomorrow morning and is no longer happening which isnt sucha bad thing b/c i would've been away 4 New Year's which would've really sucked but whatever I would have dealt... But what depresses me even more is that on top of having a crappy Christmas, now i have absolutely nothing to look forward to. It's all over. No more presents. No happy times spent w/ my family. Nothing. I wonder when Christmas lost its excitement. It's now categorized w/ all of the other holidays i no longer enjoy celebrating b/c they are always ruined by a certain person. Whatever i guess it's just something i have to live with... In the meantime does anyone's parents wanna adopt me?

current mood: depressed

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Friday, November 28th, 2003
1:56 am - Thanxgiving
Thanxgiving was pretty good this year. I am finally being treated like the adult that i am ;) The day was of course a lot of eating but this year a lot of drinking as well. My mom is convinced i am a raging alcoholic, growing up to be just like my dad, but hey my dad is really supportive... gotta luv it. It just always sux cuz you have so much to do during the day and then after the eating and drinking are over with, you are left with absolutely nothing to do. Especially since this is Coral Springs and there is nothing to do anyway... Hope there is something fun to do tomorrow... It is Friday and only 2 more days left til i go back to Orlando... Gotta make this vacation worth it

current mood: sleepy

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Wednesday, November 26th, 2003
1:27 pm - *Best Friend*
The other day had to have been one of the worst days of my life. The one person who i should be able to trust the most, my *best friend*, ripped my heart out and stepped on it. I do blame the *boy* as well, but he is a fucking asshole anyway not surprised at all that he would do something like this considering our past, but not my *best friend* who knew exactly what she was doing when she did it. What pissed me off the most, was that she had the nerve to fucking lie to my face and manipulate me into thinking that i was the one in the wrong by accusing her of such a thing. Sorry i heard his voice with my own ears (i think i would recognize my ex-boyfriend's voice) and saw with my own eyes, him walking away from our building. Have you no conscience? This wasnt a drunken act either... it has been leading up to this all along. Hope it was worth it... She isnt the only one that is losing a *best friend* here, I admit that it is a loss 4 me as well cuz we did know how to have fun and we had a lotta good times. But no *best friend* of mine would ever do a thing like that to me... Sorry

Now i am home, surrounded by the few people i can trust in this world, my family. Things so far have been alright... my dad's up to the same old shit... gotta give it to him though the man could out drink most of us in college but his drinking starts at 8 am at the Cricket Club and then continues throughout the day and nite... my poor mom... not my problem anymore Orlando was my escape. On a lighter note, i got my hair cut yesterday... not so sure if i like it yet.

Last nite i hung out w/ Elliott, Helena, and Meg at shockingly... Starbucks. I happened to run into *her* parents who i would consider to be my 2nd family... they are awesome. I talked to her mom 4 awhile and she seemed to understand where i was coming from... *she* happened to call while i was standing there and immediately after her mom got off the phone i wanted to know what she has been up to and where she was going that nite... I feel like i lost my other half but I will stay strong here b/c I will not get walked all over by someone who calls herself my *best friend*... We might end up talking today if i give in...

Now its time 4 me to start baking since that is my responsibility... an apple and a pumpkin pie it is :) I was going to bake an extra pie to bring to Orlando... but who am i gonna share it with now? :(

current mood: crushed

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Monday, November 17th, 2003
8:57 pm - Shows...
I am starting to realize that we are going to shows and using it as another excuse to drink... Not necessarily a bad thing but w/in the past 7 nites... we drank 5 of them... and Saturday nite was definitely the icing on the cake. We drank excessively b4 we got in and by the time we got in lets just say we were in rare form... Very shortly after we got there a very mean security guard shows up in the girls bathroom and next thing we know we are kicked out! Extremely upsetting cuz all i wanted to do was see Reggie :( The nite is a bit of a blur and all i know is that i have a very badly hurt toe from god knows what? Anyway it was fun hopefully i will get to go to the show tomorrow... but i have to see what happens when i talk to someone...

current mood: hopeful

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Saturday, November 1st, 2003
11:57 pm
Halloween was awesome. I got to see my parents which was well over due since i havent seen my dad since August and i got a huge free dinner. I miss them a lot and it seems like they are getting cooler to be around as i get older. My dad wanted to pre-party w/ Stef and i by buying us a bottle of yager, but too bad my mom stepped in just b/c she doesnt like the fact that my dad and i like to drink. Totally destroyed the bonding experience adn free bottle of yager. Later i went to a super fun party. Only made it to one party but i had a great time cuz i got to be w/ lots of friends and got to drink lots of alcohol and the last minute costume was a huge success.

Today was a pretty great day too. Basically all i did was work but i really like it. I like the money and i luv the people i work with. Things are good.

current mood: happy

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Friday, October 24th, 2003
2:36 pm
These bitches keep eating my food! Tell me what would make them think that they could pick at my leftovers!? That's just plain disgusting. That's it i am writing a note since thats how we communicate around these parts and i am NOT gonna be nice about it!

current mood: infuriated

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Tuesday, October 21st, 2003
8:47 pm - Time to find a new Apt...
Well 1st of all today i woke up hysterically crying b/c of my very real dream about my grandma... next i found a very luvly surprise under my door... another note from my oh-so-very nice room mate Lindsay. It was addressed to Stef and i the "fun and entertaining" circus animals that we are and she spelled my name wrong which pissed me off from the start... This note was about how our noise level has gotten better but that we do our laundry too much, take really long showers, and basically told us to sit in darkness to prevent us from going over our utilities and that there is no need to use lights during the day b/c the light from the window should be enough... Also she made it sound like her and Tara, our other room mate, are now on the same team and think that if we do happen to go over our utilities bill again this month that Stef and i should split it amongst ourselves since it is ALL our fault. Seriously last month when we did go over our bill it was an extra $4... how petty can she be? But when i saw her today, me being one that hates confrontation and will do anything in my power to avoid it... I defended us but definitely was too nice about it. I wish Stef would have been here things would have gone down a lot differently... We are still talking it over but i guess we are gonna start looking 4 another apt 4 after August. Stef and i would be so much better on our own cuz seriously i feel like i am living w/ the mother from hell cuz my own mom doesnt even treat me like this. I shouldn't feel like i have to tip toe around my own apt or be forced to act and behave like a 97 year old woman. I am in college, i dont live at home 4 a reason, i am going to have fun, and i am NOT going to grow up anytime soon!

current mood: determined

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Monday, October 20th, 2003
10:32 pm - Sex me up
You like to keep it personal by looking him in the eyes the whole time...how sweet!
Johnny Come Quickly

What Sexual Position Are You?
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current mood: naughty

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Saturday, October 18th, 2003
3:47 am - Cereal
Cereal is goooooooooooooooood

current mood: satisfied

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Wednesday, October 15th, 2003
11:17 pm
This boy had to buy 2 condoms 4 some Pike hazing thingy and since they come in packs of 3... he asked me what he should do with the 3rd all i could say is the obvious... Condoms were obviously made to make water balloons... Got myself outta that one...

current mood: relieved

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
8:01 pm - *Hardcore*
I hate stupid fucking *harcore* bitches especially one that lives in Boardwarlk who had the nerve to tell Stef and I that "you don't often meet pretty girls that listen to hardcore" like she was hott shit or something...
*Inhale my second-hand smoke and die bitch!*

current mood: pissed off

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Thursday, October 9th, 2003
2:14 am - Beef
Mmmm steak and potatoes

current mood: content

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