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Time to find a new Apt...

Well 1st of all today i woke up hysterically crying b/c of my very real dream about my grandma... next i found a very luvly surprise under my door... another note from my oh-so-very nice room mate Lindsay. It was addressed to Stef and i the "fun and entertaining" circus animals that we are and she spelled my name wrong which pissed me off from the start... This note was about how our noise level has gotten better but that we do our laundry too much, take really long showers, and basically told us to sit in darkness to prevent us from going over our utilities and that there is no need to use lights during the day b/c the light from the window should be enough... Also she made it sound like her and Tara, our other room mate, are now on the same team and think that if we do happen to go over our utilities bill again this month that Stef and i should split it amongst ourselves since it is ALL our fault. Seriously last month when we did go over our bill it was an extra $4... how petty can she be? But when i saw her today, me being one that hates confrontation and will do anything in my power to avoid it... I defended us but definitely was too nice about it. I wish Stef would have been here things would have gone down a lot differently... We are still talking it over but i guess we are gonna start looking 4 another apt 4 after August. Stef and i would be so much better on our own cuz seriously i feel like i am living w/ the mother from hell cuz my own mom doesnt even treat me like this. I shouldn't feel like i have to tip toe around my own apt or be forced to act and behave like a 97 year old woman. I am in college, i dont live at home 4 a reason, i am going to have fun, and i am NOT going to grow up anytime soon!
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