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Halloween was awesome. I got to see my parents which was well over due since i havent seen my dad since August and i got a huge free dinner. I miss them a lot and it seems like they are getting cooler to be around as i get older. My dad wanted to pre-party w/ Stef and i by buying us a bottle of yager, but too bad my mom stepped in just b/c she doesnt like the fact that my dad and i like to drink. Totally destroyed the bonding experience adn free bottle of yager. Later i went to a super fun party. Only made it to one party but i had a great time cuz i got to be w/ lots of friends and got to drink lots of alcohol and the last minute costume was a huge success.

Today was a pretty great day too. Basically all i did was work but i really like it. I like the money and i luv the people i work with. Things are good.
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