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*Best Friend*

The other day had to have been one of the worst days of my life. The one person who i should be able to trust the most, my *best friend*, ripped my heart out and stepped on it. I do blame the *boy* as well, but he is a fucking asshole anyway not surprised at all that he would do something like this considering our past, but not my *best friend* who knew exactly what she was doing when she did it. What pissed me off the most, was that she had the nerve to fucking lie to my face and manipulate me into thinking that i was the one in the wrong by accusing her of such a thing. Sorry i heard his voice with my own ears (i think i would recognize my ex-boyfriend's voice) and saw with my own eyes, him walking away from our building. Have you no conscience? This wasnt a drunken act either... it has been leading up to this all along. Hope it was worth it... She isnt the only one that is losing a *best friend* here, I admit that it is a loss 4 me as well cuz we did know how to have fun and we had a lotta good times. But no *best friend* of mine would ever do a thing like that to me... Sorry

Now i am home, surrounded by the few people i can trust in this world, my family. Things so far have been alright... my dad's up to the same old shit... gotta give it to him though the man could out drink most of us in college but his drinking starts at 8 am at the Cricket Club and then continues throughout the day and nite... my poor mom... not my problem anymore Orlando was my escape. On a lighter note, i got my hair cut yesterday... not so sure if i like it yet.

Last nite i hung out w/ Elliott, Helena, and Meg at shockingly... Starbucks. I happened to run into *her* parents who i would consider to be my 2nd family... they are awesome. I talked to her mom 4 awhile and she seemed to understand where i was coming from... *she* happened to call while i was standing there and immediately after her mom got off the phone i wanted to know what she has been up to and where she was going that nite... I feel like i lost my other half but I will stay strong here b/c I will not get walked all over by someone who calls herself my *best friend*... We might end up talking today if i give in...

Now its time 4 me to start baking since that is my responsibility... an apple and a pumpkin pie it is :) I was going to bake an extra pie to bring to Orlando... but who am i gonna share it with now? :(
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