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Well i am back home again and i am starting to realize that i miss being here while i am away but once i get here i am quickly reminded that i would much rather not be here. Things are just getting worse around here. Celebrated Christmas tonite... B/c we were supposed to leave 4 Maine tomorrow morning and is no longer happening which isnt sucha bad thing b/c i would've been away 4 New Year's which would've really sucked but whatever I would have dealt... But what depresses me even more is that on top of having a crappy Christmas, now i have absolutely nothing to look forward to. It's all over. No more presents. No happy times spent w/ my family. Nothing. I wonder when Christmas lost its excitement. It's now categorized w/ all of the other holidays i no longer enjoy celebrating b/c they are always ruined by a certain person. Whatever i guess it's just something i have to live with... In the meantime does anyone's parents wanna adopt me?
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